“I never knew you could find history!”

Day two, and with more action on site to see, the excavation is getting a lot of public interest – lots of people are pulling over as they drive past and trying to work out if it’s gold or dinosaurs we’re looking for. Luckily the truth seems interesting enough; the kids in this photo were pleasantly surprised by what can be learned from archaeology (the title quote was overheard as they left).

Kids and dinosaurs.jpg
Visitors to the site safely behind a mesh fence.

Today was characterised by spits and schnits (excavation techniques that sound more exotic than they look), and lots and lots of sieving. It rained in the morning (which made the sieving hard – try pushing nuggets of mud through a mesh), then the heat rose to 25 degrees, so we steamed.  We made good progress though, and the artefact count is now past 550, including some potentially very interesting finds (more about that later). Four of the five areas are now being excavated layer by layer, and we’ve set up extra sieve stations to keep up with the pace.

“I can’t see anything in that sieve unless it’s fluoro”.
Upper terrace.jpg
The upper terrace sans kikuyu grass – at last!

The team on the upper terrace, working where the shipyard superintendent had his house, have finally broken through the kikuyu, and a few interesting features are starting to emerge all around the site – hopefully we’ll have more to say about those at the end of tomorrow. For tonight we’re happy to enjoy the wonderful food and hospitality of our host Peter at the Horeke Tavern.



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