Wet’n’Wild: a progress update

After a well-deserved day off, the First Ships team were eager to resume digging. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different ideas and we spent much of the day donning and doffing our waterproofs, as bands of rain conspired to slow us down.

Kurt unimpressed.jpg
Kurt Bennett (maritime archaeologist) unimpressed by the rain….

Despite the rain, some great progress was made across the site with numerous artefacts and features being uncovered. On the upper terrace, work continued removing spit one of layer two, revealing the remains of the house belonging to the shipbuilding yard’s Superintendent. So far, this has been marked by bricks, post holes, and a range of domestic artefacts.

Area two, featuring the brick remains and the domestic artefacts from the house on the terrace

On the lower level, work continued to uncover evidence of shipbuilding activities undertaken on the site. Areas four and six continued to reveal tantalising snippets of this activity, with sheathing tacks and iron spikes. These suggest that we are getting ever closer to the working surface relating to the 1826-1831 shipbuilding yard.


The team are really happy with their progress so far! So as long as the weather plays along, we are bound to find more great archaeology and (hopefully) we will be able to take some photos without using the underwater housing of the GoPro!


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