Living the High Life II: Historical Home Life. 


Well it’s day eleven, and we are getting close to the end of the excavation. We have had lots of interesting finds and we have almost reached the bottom of the house site on the terrace. So far, we have found a hard, compact clay that was probably the surface that the house and verandah sat upon and we have a couple of postholes that back this idea up. We also found a thick layer of crushed shell that would have been used as a path along the side of the house.

Mr Tremlett with a post hole cut into the clay surface.

As mentioned in our last post about life on the terrace, we have found many items related to daily life in the household. These finds include lots of domestic artefacts, such as plates, teacups and serving bowls, glass serving-ware for wine or spirits, along with other trinkets.

Speaking of trinkets, we found this metal lid to a decorative box. It was in one of the postholes that we excavated on the terrace today. Because it has an intricate pattern and it is delicate, we think it was probably a box used for storing trinkets, or goods like tobacco. We aren’t quite sure what type of metal it is made of just yet, but Matt will find out more when he gets it back to the lab for analysis.

Trinkets, trinkets, trinkets!

Kauri gum is another interesting find that we have made on the terrace, and almost all of it was found in the area where we believe the verandah was located. Back in the day it was common for people to sit on their verandahs and clean kauri gum that they had collected. Kauri gum was quite a popular product and could be polished and displayed in the home, turned into items such as beads, or used to make varnish!

Kauri gum, aka amber gold!

It’s time to sign off, but stay tuned for tomorrows blog post about the final day of excavations.






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