Fun with flags!

If you, like Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory, enjoy Fun with Flags, you’d love being on site at the moment! Flags, flags everywhere, though not the sort Sheldon enthuses about. Every time our excavators find an artefact, they mark its location by sticking a flag in the ground. Ok, so it’s really a bamboo barbeque skewer with a bit of masking tape stuck on the end, but it’s still pretty cool when you see hundreds upon hundreds of these mini flags sticking up all over the site. Each and every flag has its own individual number and each number is written into the Finds Book along with a description of the artefact found. We all take turns with flag duty – crafting the flags, lovingly numbering each of them in high quality sharpie ink, placing the artefacts into bags, labelling the bags and entering each into the Finds Book.

Flags everywhere.jpg
Flags, so many flags!!!

The next part of the recording process is even cooler – Gandalf comes along and uses his staff to magically zap each flag and hey presto Middle Earth is saved!

Gandalf with his staff.jpg
Wesley with the machine that goes ‘ping’

Well actually its Wesley not Gandalf (though he too sports magnificent facial hair), and he can’t save Middle Earth unfortunately (although I believe that has already been attended to). What he can do is use a surveying tool called a Total Station to create a plan showing the location and depth of each artefact. It does utilise a laser though which is pretty spacey.

Imagine what tomorrow might bring…..


2 thoughts on “Fun with flags!

  1. Your ‘Gandalf’ character reminds me a bit of mine.
    My son-in-law has a long Dryzabone type trenchcoat, large-rimmed Akubra, and a twisted longish ‘Gandalf’ staff.
    Some time ago, whilst farm-sitting for them, I clothed myself in the above, took staff in hand & sloshed down to the riverside in pouring rain; to ‘rescue’ their water pump. I must have looked like the little green fella from Starwars!!. My son-in-law’s a good 4″ taller than I am.
    Love seeing these daily posts, and amazing progress you guys are having.


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